• Design and production of all kinds of self-adhesive labels on request, for personalized, printed or unprinted, with all kinds of adhesives and face materials labels, and any finish and / or presentation.

        • We have all materials available on the market, such as:

          • White papers. Fluorescent colors. (offset, brightness, high brightness. Different weights).
          • Synthetic materials (PVC, polyester, polithenos, polypropylenes. Transparent White, silver, etc).
          • Thermal protected and unprotected.
          • Supports glassine or Krafft (white, cane or blue).     
          • Adhesives: permanent, removable, semi-removable, textile (acrylic, hot-melt).
          • Finishes: Neutral or printed.
          • Printing: One, two or more inks / colors, both the front and stand.
          • Troquelados: Front and support.
          • Formats: In roll, Sheet different sizes (A4 or others) and continuous computer, with leaves climbs to different sizes, etc.
          • Use: In printing presses, reprints or dispensing (manual or automatic). Laser Printers, Ink-Jet, Matrix, etc.
          • TTR ribbons (ribbon) of excellent quality for thermal transfer printers.

          For all types of machines. Also for printers with head "Near Edge".
          Qualities: wax, mixed and resina.-
          Available in: black, red, blue, green and gold.

      • Production capacity for high, medium and small demand.

        Not find what you want, please contact us, it is likely that we can solve.

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